Travel the World and take your business with you!
Make Income Sharing What You Love!


Now you will be given the tools
(just like I have)
easily build your own professional
, funnels, video postcards and email list
around your interests and what you want to


In addition, share your interests, video's, pictures and articles on your own Power Blog that you will be given from PLS.
Want your own page similiar to this one?
The Power Lead System (PLS) allows us to share our pages so you can have one similiar to this one!

PLS is a 
multi-facet marketing machine that will teach you everythinhg you need to know about advertising, marketing and building what you want.

You will soon be able to create this formula that has created sales for generations:

Know, Like & Trust.

People will get to know you because you will know how to advertise. People will get to like you because you will be able to share about yourself on your pages and people will be able to trust you because the system gives them free access to PLS so that they can test it out.

Watch this video to see some of the amazing services the PLS system provides! 


You're Going to receive excellent Marketing, Advertising Tools and Training!

You will get a Power Blog where you can share what you LOVE!

You're going to need a Mentor that will really help you. I will be there for you every step of the way and I will also introduce you to my mentor who makes 7-figures online.

A system that can create RESIDUAL income and multiple $500 - $1000 payments each month to create a 6-figure income.

How to build a big pipeline of customers for your business.

Endless Free Leads marketing training (worth $300)

Advanced Advertising Training,



Albie's Online Team

Sharing what I love!

As you can see I love being on the water.

I love to connect with people about sailing. Being out on the ocean brings out my adventurous side and my love for life.

See my blog here


Now you can make income sharing what you love too!

It wasn't easy to find a SOLID program that you can build ANYTHING you want with. 

After going through forty different programs, I came away either scammed or not having what it took to really make income online. I learned a lot of painful lessons including that of finally being able to make consistant income online. 

It took me four years to finally realize I was being led down an endless maze of dead ends. At that point I really began digging in to study online marketing and advertising. Jim Rohn says this about it:

 "Formal education will earn you a living but self education will earn you a fortune." 

The Power Leads System has everything you need already set up for you to use! Even all the vast resources of training is there on hand to be able to study and learn to build the business of your dreams!


Connect with me so I can help you on your journey online and introduce you to my 7-figure earner & mentor Alan Cosens.

cell: 626-379-5602


Find out more about how the Power Lead System can help you can make a full time income "Sharing What You Love" and building a flexible business! 

*Disclaimer: Of course you may never make money if you don’t have a good work ethic or are not willing to do what it takes to make it happen. Some people quit before they even read the instructions! No claims are made here. This information may not convey typical results and your results may be better or worse. This information on this page is for example purposes only. Use this information at your own risk.